Thanksgiving Scorpion Solitaire

Be thankful this Thanksgiving holiday that you are in the safety of your home with your loved ones, rather than stranded in a desert where the poisonous creatures in Scorpion Solitaire dwell! Suits don't matter in this version of Solitaire, so stack cards in descending order in the tableau as your basic game play. Place them into foundations in descending order by suit in order to win! Your draw pile only has three cards in it, so use it at the very beginning so you know what you're working with, or wait until you need a boost later in the game. Show these venomous predators who's boss by beating Scorpion Solitaire!

Scorpion Solitaire Tips

  • Stack cards in descending order in the tableau to win
  • Any run of cards can be moved, regardless of their order
  • Only Kings can fill empty cells


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